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Meet The Duo.

Hey there, we're glad you're here! We're Roger and Laura Siewerth, the passion behind Three Strands Studio. Here's a little bit more about our journey and how we have flourished into what we are today.

 We were both born and raised in San Diego, but as of the fall of 2022, we call TN our new home! We recently celebrated our 7th anniversary and looking forward to many more! And of course, we have to mention our feisty, cuddly Koa kitty.​

Our passions crossed once before in 2017 when we decided to pursue custom handmade furniture as "Three Strands Design". When an opportunity presented itself for Roger to become an apprentice for installing hard surfaces, we knew it was time to pause and put our desires on hold. Although it was hard to call it quits on something you birthed, we knew we'd be at it again one day soon.​

Over a couple of years working under a contractor, Roger not only obtained new skills but also strengthened his craftsmanship and his keen eye for details. Now that he is his boss on independent projects, he's been in high demand which propelled us to once again, pursue our dream of working together. The time seemed right to take a leap of faith and show the world what we can create!



My story involves more twists and turns before I got to be where I am today but hey, that's my journey and I learned something at every turn.

Ever since I was a kid, I had dreamed of becoming a firefighter...simply, because, well I love fires! In all seriousness, I  had wanted to pursue a career that would be one of honor, thrill, and connection to my dad who was a paramedic. The firefighter/paramedic course was challenging and satisfying, I gave all my effort and yet, it surprisingly wasn't fulfilling. It wasn't until one summer I had built a coffee/snack bar out of pallet wood for a church youth group that sparked a passion and a burning desire inside of me. Suddenly, my goal and dream shifted. 

In 2017, Laura & I began what we called "Three Strands Design" where we built handmade pieces of furniture from wood along with other handmade goods for our first client. I was having the time of my life and I wanted to keep it going. We actually were referred to few more clients who requested dining tables and benches and more of our handmade goods.

Even though I was building pieces for our customers, it couldn't secure a strong and steady income. So when I was offered a job to learn the flooring trade, I jumped right in! I've had some experience prior and I was what they called a "jack of all trades". For a while, it was just my boss and myself as the installation crew but when he brought in another member, he gave me a manager position. We installed flooring for countless homes in Rancho Sante Fe, Encinitas, Vista, and Rancho Bernardo just to name a few. Clients were more than thrilled by the time we were done working on their home and a sense of triumph filled me every day after work...even if I my body was tired as heck!

Now, I can provide a solid foundation and a broader range of skills and knowledge to clients; bringing them confidence and security knowing they hired not only an installer but a craftsman. I take great pride in my work and I do so with excellence and attention to detail. Leaving clients satisfied and in awe of the quality work that came from my own hands is the best fulfillment.




My passion is to create timeless, beautiful, and inspiring designs for clients to enjoy for years to come!

On one particular day, I was sitting in my room channel surfing... here's a throwback to channel 99 and the TV guide! I came across a design show on HGTV where I discovered a whole new world of art and creativity. In that instant of the "reveal", the client, who happened to be a little girl, was living her best day ever as she opened her eyes to her newly designed bedroom. It was at that time that I knew in my spirit, THIS was what I was created to do. So I immersed myself in learning everything that I could about design; I lived it and breathed it at every chance that I could.


In 2009, I pursued an arts education and in 2013, began my journey of becoming a design student. It was in the year of 2014 that I entered the industry, working at my first design and retail showroom. There, I gained product knowledge and business skills, learned how to meet my client's every need, navigated problem-solving, and of course, relished in the end results of seeing my design come to full fruition.


In 2016, I joined THE BEST company ever, perhaps you heard of it: North County Tile and Stone! For six years I was blessed with a work family, I strengthened my skills and talent, my product knowledge increased, and I succeeded in designing beautiful and functional spaces. I've created designs for all kinds of budgets and sizes from new builds and full remodels to smaller-scale projects like laundry rooms or a bedroom refresh.

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