Our Services

"where design and purpose dwell"

We are a design and construction studio that desires to bring your vision to life with our skills and talents. We treat every project differently and uniquely just as the clients are themselves.

Your home should embody a warm and welcoming environment, meet your every need, and tell your unique story of who you are and where you've been.

Full Service Design

In need of a full home remodel, large scale renovation or planning a new build?
By hiring Three Strands Studio, we will execute your job from start to finish with precision and attention to detail. From the construction phase, to the design phase and everything else in between, we will manage all aspects of the design process.

Our process is completed in four phases that starts with the initial consultation, scope evaluation and proposal, leading to the contract agreement and beginning phases of construction and design process, and finally concluding the project with installations and furnishings.

Our goal is to take your vision and combine it with our skills and expertise to create the dwelling space of your dreams.

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E-Service Design

This service is ideal for clients that are in need of sprucing up their home with the magic of our virtual design. We'll get to know your space and your needs and provide you with a deliverables set to transform your home as if we were there doing it all ourselves.

Click on the image and choose from the package that best fits your need, send us an email and let's get to work!

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