Full Design Service

When we design and build, our purpose and goals are to create homes that classic, organic, refined and simple living lifestyle for every one of our clients. Our design aesthetic combines mixed materials, elements and styles along with our clients’ personality and favorite pieces, producing a personal yet timeless design for every home.


Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having to take on a full home remodel on your own? We will happily take that burden off your shoulders! 

Our process begins with a 15 minute discovery call where we'll gain understanding of who you are and the needs of your project. The next step is a virtual meeting discussing more details such as budget, timeline, confirming scope of work, our services and fees as well as learning more about who we are as a company.

Time for the initial on-site appointment! At this time, we will walk the project to confirm what was initially discussed during our virtual meeting so that our proposal will be accurate and detailed, outlining accurate expectations and future construction and installation dates. 

Upon approval and signing of the proposal and contract presentation, it's time for us to get to work with construction and design!

Craftsmanship is our middle name and this is what we deliver time and time again.
Our plan of attack is to take measurements, propose floor plans, demo, demo, demo and demo some more! Based on the scope of work and design, this stage of the project can consist of building and installing walls, painting interiors & exteriors, install hard surfaces and cabinetry as well as other trades arriving to perform their services.

Estimates for purchasing necessary materials will be proposed and required in order to keep the project moving and avoiding delays. And speaking of possible delays, this will be the perfect time to go over projected lead times to ensure clear communication and expectations are set and documented.

We value our clients and the trust they have in us so we in turn want to ensure we pour our heart, soul and sweat every step of the way so that the end results speak for themselves.

Roger's set of skills, experience and knowledge brings a sense of peace to our clients as they recognize Roger will be sure to take care of them and their home.


Let the fun begin!

During the construction phase, Laura will present the design consisting of mood boards, space planning, elevations, and a budget. Once approved and payment has been secured, then Laura can begin purchasing, managing and securing orders. There will be additional meetings to confirm material finishes whether that is through samples or at a showroom.

Just need a proposed design for your new build? No problem! You will secure a binder consisting of the overall design and concept, spec and purchasing list and detailed installation instructions.

Once the construction phase has been completed, the last phase will begin which is furnishing and staging!

This is the moment you've waited for!

Installation day is upon us and there will be lots of moving parts, including staging and photographing the project which can take an additional day before we hand over your newly crafted and designed home.

And don't you worry, there will be a detailed evaluation of the project and where we will document and notate anything and everything that needs resolving.

Our passion, craft and keen eye for attention and details define who we are as a company and shows just how much we truly value our clients for entrusting us with their homes. So our hopes is that you will enjoy your new home for years to come and embodies who you are, where you've been and embraces what's to come!


send us an email, we'd love to work with you!